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Older People Challenge

The goal of the challenge is to create a reality in which the older people can use the digital means independently, enjoy the value they provide, especially theses days; Keep in touch with relatives and friends, reduce loneliness, purchase food and receive services, physical exercise, entertainment etc.

Challenge starts:


Challenge ends:



The Challenge Statement

Develop assistive tools for digital platforms, which will allow an independent use, despite the age limitations, maximizing older adults use in a way that will encourage their self confidence and self respect.

What should I submit?

  • Solutions for accessing digital platforms of any kind, for use of older people. In a way that both respects and doesn't tag/insult the user (The solution can be for one platform or more);
  • A flow of the usage events which will not threaten older adults, from both technological and user experience aspects.

Who can participate?

  • Programmers
  • UX Designers
  • People with experience in accessibility, and the older people cohort.
  • Startup companies with relevant products
  • Any creative person

What are the criteria for a successful solution?

  • Technological feasibility;
  • Simplicity of the solution - to what extent the solution is simple and easy to operate - technically, as well as from the older adults’ perspective;
  • Impact - To what extent the solution improves the wlderly life quality, during the current period.


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