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Corona Guard Challenge

Recommended behaviors such as hand washing and of course avoiding contact with positives to the virus are the recommended practices to lower the chances of airborne transmission of COVID-19.However, these practices are not enough when a household member becomes positive or is treated at home. Research from around the world shows that in these cases members of the household become positive.

Challenge starts:


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The Challenge Statement

Find simple solutions for protecting the household members of a COVID-19 infected person from infection.

What should I submit?

A simple method that can be applied or produced in any home to protect the household members from infection. This may include:

  • Home production of protective means.

  • Methods to strengthen the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for home quarantine.

  • Other ways to prevent infection of household members.

Who can participate?

  • Makers

  • Medical professionals

  • Engineers

  • Startup companies with relevant product

  • Any creative person

What are the criteria for a successful solution?

  • Effective in preventing infection

  • Simple to apply using household means or shelf products.

  • Safe to use

  • Accessible and inexpensive - every citizen could buy or make it themselves


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