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Corona Catcher Challenge

COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets, e.g. air droplets. The virus’ transmission is higher in humid air. This is a problem specifically in closed rooms when those infected cough or sneeze. If we can reduce humidity we can reduce transmissions. If we can catch the infected droplets we will lower the spread of the virus.

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The Challenge Statement

Come up with a method easily accessible, by using tools which can be found in every household, to absorb in an effective way the humidity in the house, with no environmental risk for the patients and their families.

What should I submit?

  • A simple method that can be applied in every home for reducing droplets contagion.. 

  • A device that can be easily adjusted for this purpose without high costs and long production/implementation time.

Who can participate?

  • Makers

  • Chemists

  • Material scientists

  • People with experience in ventilation and air conditioning

  • Environmental startup companies

  • Any creative person

What are the criteria for a successful solution?

  • Simplicity - Simple implementation from household items/ industrial shelf products.

  • Safety - Safe product for use, particularly with children and pets. 

  • Efficiency - Quantitative proof of humidity absorption.


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