BLEE Methodology for Corporate Hackathons

Tokyo, December 2019

 Course Goal 

The course will provide you with the tools and the confidence to set up a hackathon in your organization using the BLEE Methodology.

 Course Structure 

10 academic hours including theory and practice.

What is the BLEE Methodology?

By employing the BLEE Methodology, a hackathon becomes a structured organizational process which involves the company's top decision makers and key partners.

Developed in Israel, the methodology replicates the conditions and thought processes of successful startups.

Outcomes of the BLEE Methodology

  • Promote intrapreneurship and empower leaders within your organization.

  • Enroll change agents and soften resistance.

  • Create new products and improve processes based on crowdsourced needs and ideas.

  • Break the organizational hierarchy and create a safe space for solution based communication.

  • Long term effect on all levels of the organization.

  • Suitable for both closed and open innovation.

Course Participants Receive:

  • Proven professional practices and secrets based on dozens of hackathon processes.

  • Ready for use templates for your own hackathon.

  • Coaching in enrollment of internal stakeholders.

  • Certificate recognizing your accredited expertise.

Course Leaders

The course is offered by BLEE Hackathons, a company focused exclusively on planning and executing hackathons for prominent multinationals, as well as governments and nonprofits, in various sizes and industries.

Tomer Weinstein

Strategy, business development and value creation lead at BLEE Hackathons. Tomer's main skill is in enrollment of stakeholders, removing obstacles, handling resistance and creating productive communication.

Dvir André Tzanua

A startup veteran and certified accountant, André leads the consulting and operation activities of BLEE Hackathons. André has effectively led dozens of hackathons on which the BLEE methodology was based.

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